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turbogsx Stats
Car: 91 Eclipse GSX
Performance: i have kyb gr2 struts, an aluminum crank pulley, greddy type rs bov, k&n air filter, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, hollow cat, exhaust tip, i have and auto meter boost and air fuel mixture but not hookd up yet with and oil psi gauge.
About Me: i frame houses for a livin. Im 19 years old
Style: This is my second motor. i bought this from jdm on ebay it was a good deal. I blew up the last one by puttin washers on the wastegate and ran it lean and blew it up at 11 lbs at 130 mph.
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Score: 12 Points from 2 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: carpenter
City: Hanna City

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i have had my car for a little over a year. its a 91 gsx eclipse.

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Did ya ever get her running good? Let me know..

I am selling the black talon. Do you know anyone that might be interested in buying it? We live in South Carolina

Pull intake off that is going to turbo and see if there is excess side to side play if so then turbo needs a rebuild. I have also seen where parts of pistons and valves have jammed up in the exhaust turbine causing this problem. If there is any kind of sound coming from the turbo when you spin it then do a rebuild. Here is a number to some people that sell good rebuild kits for a little over $100. 714 -639 -4933. You can do it yourself in a couple of hours have the housing hot tanked and media blasted at a machine shop to clean out any carbon on the parts. Make sure they don't media blast the bearing surface on the inside of the housing. You may need to scrap in exhaust side parts with a metal pick to get all the carbon off. Put some blue lock tight on the intake turbine nut, and tighten up snug but not to terribly tight. If you don't feel comfortable rebuilding it, just send them the cartridge and they can rebuild it for you for like $200 I think.

What have you tried? Did anything help? How is she running now? Let us know..

did she run like that before you put the fuel pressure regulator on her? Mine ran like CRAP when we put the fuel pressure regulator on her, so we had to take it off. Or do you know what you last did to her when she started to run like this?

What all have you replaced on her? so I can narrow my advice down.. Is that cool?

When it is holding steady, are you building boost? Mine goes about one or two ticks into rich when I am getting on it and building boost.. My old saying, I'd rather run her rich then lean.. But mine goes back and fourth, but if it is like CRAZY fast, and the check engine light is on then YES you have an blown exhaust gasket, but normally you would know if it is gone because the car would run BAD.. Mine scared me, I brought her straight back home. (I was on my way to put gas in her)..lol.. What about a new oxygen sensor? Have you replaced it? Let me know about what I asked and we can go from there.. I feel special, a chicky giving advice on cars.. lol.. I know I am goofy.. lol

Pretty much most of my car is stock and all I can pull out of her is about 11 or 12 psi with out her hitting fuel cut off. Let me think and I will get back to ya.. I am busy tonight and all day tomorrow with the little one and the NUT CRACKER.. So I will let you know Thursday.. As off of the top of my head, hook up those gauges.. Always in need of those. My air/fuel gauge saved my car over the weekend, she blew a exhaust gasket it the gauge told me right away what was wrong by how it was going crazy.. Scared me though cause I have never had the check engine light on in my car.. Scary.. She is my baby (the white one) The talon is the TURBO grocery go getter..lol..

Her sry I accidentally deleted ur comment. Thanks for the 10...Good luck with this motor. Keep wrenchin and keep us up to date.

You have my white dash.. lol.. Gave ya a 8 for owning a dsm and building her up. Looks good. What are your plans for her?
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