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Car: Eclipse&Tsi
Performance:  In the 90 Eclipse: Boost controller,air/fuel and boost gauges, GReddy turbo timer, rebuilt motor, new struts and springs, by pass valve, larger "j" pipe, all metal inner cooler pipes. She is at 12psi right now, she has an alarm that unlocks and locks the doors and pops the trunk. She has two tens in the trunk that bump really good, its like getting a message. I have not done anything yet to the Talon..
About Me: If you are going to rate me low, let me know what the problem is before you bring my score down. I am happily married to a car guy..:)
Style:  They are both sleepers.. We are constantly finding ways to make them faster.. lol..
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Score: 569 Points from 77 votes = 7

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Gender: Female
Occupation: Full time mother and wife.. Car chicky
City: Sumter, SC

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Eclipse: White with black trim and a home made 2 ball shifter from a pool set. She is pretty stock. She has a few after market items on her. I also have a 91 Talon Tsi FWD turbo (automatic).

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no not yet but i jus bought another car to though i bought a 98 svt contour i gotta get the eclipse looked at

Thx for the rating. It's a 1990. the new pix are up if u want to take a look. although it's pix of the car b4 i mounted the front mount. but there still nice. u get an 8.

thank you i will

www. dsmpurity . com

thanx i gave u a 10 haa...yea im prolly gonna be spoolin soon...but im short for money right now..so im bout to get a job but later i will do turbo...right now its pretty much a show go, every weekend im at shows takin home trophies so ya know ha.

Thanks for the comments! It is definantly nice to see another DSM chicka! Keep it up girlie! 10 from me!
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