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tln4u2nv Stats
Car: 1995 Eagle T
Performance: ~2.0L DOHC 16V Turbo 4g63t 7bolt ~UNortodox underdrive pulley ~AEM cam gears ~Type-R front and rear strut tower bar
About Me: I am a DSM girl at heart! ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! I've never owned anything but a DSM!
Style: ~Drift Front bumper ~Drift side skirts ~Sonar halo projector headlights w/ black housing ~Custom painted center piece taillight and tailights ~17" Akuma Z71's w/ Nankang 215/45/17 ~Custom black floor mats with eagle symbol ~OEM Carbon fiber hood ~Z
Views: 4105
Score: 66 Points from 11 votes = 6

My Brief Profile
Gender: Female
Occupation: Helen Of Troy - warehouse worker. =)
City: Horn Lake, MS

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1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, 4g63t 7bolt 2.0L DOHC 4cyl Turbo. Been working on her since November 07.

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10 Last Member Comments

good you. hey do u have aim?

Have you done anything else to her? how is everything going? any upgrades?

Nice ride. Always nice to see female dsm drivers. Keep up the work on the talon.

nice car maybe i can see it some time where abouts do u live

your welcome kellie, mines mike nice to meet you.

Nope unfortunately we don't have anything laying around.. I wish we did. We rebuilt the turbo on the black one as soon as we got her.. We also replaced the tranny and painted her.. the list goes on and on.. But nothing major, just mainly tune up stuff.. But for $500, I can't complain..lol.. I am not sure on the bumper though, the original was trash, it was a road hazard, so we got the one that is on her for a good price.

Your bumper looks like the one we have on the talon.(the black one) But it is always nice to see another chicka into cars.. I love it..:).. So are you going to do anything else to her?

hey nice clean car, i like the valve cover. so whats ur name? lol

Sweet car ya have there. Another female, always nice to see another female dsm tuner... I love it.. Clean engine bay.. Gave ya a 10+++

real clean engine bay
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