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talon07 Stats
Car: 2, n/a ,tsi
Performance: 91: *walbro fuel pump *xtr stage 3 clutch *lightweight flywheel *new ball joints and tie rods *manual boost controller *greddy turbo timer *prosport oil pressure guage *prosport boost guage *prosport water temp guage *guage pods *new buschings *extended clutch rod *master cylinder *rear main seal kit *cometic metal headgasket and i need to get a super strong timing belt and fuel pressure regulator. and the wraparound. 97: Tenzo R lowering springs megan headers tanabe rear sway bar bomz intake racing seats gold rims ralliart oil cap ralliart exhaust hi flow cat painted (september)
About Me: I am a female who loves to work on cars. I am a true dsmer and i have a mitsu symbol tattooed on my back saying live fast underneath.
Style: I have a 1st gen turbo awd and then a 2gnt talon. I love both to death!
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Score: 103 Points from 14 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Female
Occupation: student
City: Spartanburg

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I have a 91 Eagle Talon Tsi Awd that is my play car. and then i have my 97 eagle talon esi that is my dd and my baby! In my main picture I am the one on the left with the blue tsi awd. On the right is Carla (turbogir) with her gst.

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Cool car! Always nice to see a car chick that knows the right kinda car : P Are you from Spartanburg SC? Im from Union and if you've been out in Spartanburg before you've probably seen my red twin turbo stealth before or my pearl silver with bahama blue tribal flamed 3000gt. Anywho you get a 10 cause very clean car and wicked tattoo!

I hope ya have a good new year chelsea. When do you guys go back? Let me know. We are doing fire works and drinking with some music and the black light and stuff. Let me know. Love Carla

heyyyy hows it going ...its been forever sence i've been on here.. i just finally found someone to help me with my bodywork and paint job...one of my friends buddies...he does real good work....ummm i was woundering..i just found this 92-94 eagle talon im going to buy it for $300...the body is in good shape and the ***er runs and everything..but i guess its the smaller non turbo engine..would a fwd turbo 2.0 dohc 16 valve engine fit in her...check this website out.. {URL} could i just drop a turbo in her...hmmm

I say if ya can, go for the white talon.. Jump on her like a spider monkey if ya can afford it..:)

hey nice cars. wich one's urs?

Heres some new pics and new rides tho work on...

whatcha doing? I miss you... Love ya.. Hugs and kisses.. Love us, Carla-lance and Christina

thanks for the comment, your cars are clean as ***! So where you from anyway?

thanks for the comment, your cars are clean as ***! So where you from anyway?

thanks for the comment, your cars are clean as ***! So where you from anyway?
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