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substang Stats
Car: 98 eclipse GST
Performance: -T3/T4 turbo -Greddy BOV -Magnaflow muffler -FMIC
About Me: have been in navy for 12yrs. i love working on my car and spending time with my family.
Style: -Blitz body kit -Altezza taillights -purple neon undercar kit -HAD lambo doors(dealership took off,sucks)
Views: 1703
Score: 17 Points from 3 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: military
City: kingsland, GA

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bought the car in oct of 07, since then have had the motor rebuilt. getting ready to upgrade the fuel system so I can crank up the boost

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wow,super hot,love 2g,i wana get lambo doors for my 1g,u get a 10

lol that is killerglass com

Nice ride looking good keep up the good work. you should check out {URL} they have some sweet glass radiator hoses with built in neons. They look pretty sweet.
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