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steveo Stats
Car: 1997 Eclipse
Performance: Evo III 16g turbo, 190 walbro,660 injectors, hks 272 cams, Greddy fmic, full port and polished head with 1mm oversized valves, Ported exahust manifold, act 2600 clutch, manual boost controller, super afc II black edition, egt guage, full apex 3in downpipe with 3in apex catback, Tokiko and Hp spring and strut combo, front and rear strut tower bars. Stock brakes
About Me: My name is Steve Knudson, I'm originally from Sioux Falls,SD where the dsm is a god. Ive always been in love with 1st and 2nd gen dsms. Ive worked on them ever since i started driving, im 22 now. My opinion on the style of a dsm is simple, stock body, u
Style: stock body with wheels, just a simple clean car.
Views: 5981
Score: 112 Points from 15 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Im a mechanic on CH-53E helicopter in the Marine Corps.
City: Edwards, Ca

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Barcelona Red Pearl, I dynoed it at 301 to the wheels on 91 cali gas. More numbers coming soon with race gas and better tuning :)

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Hey! See you're originally from Sioux Falls, I'm in Huron about two hours away from there! Nice car, I've been shopping around for suspension, how do you like your set up?

barcelona red pearl nice paint, love the black rims with chrome lip u get an 8 bro

i like your eclipse dude.....that color is *** with the black wheels. gave you a 7

NIce dsm looks good nice n clean!!!

love it love it love it. very clean.

i dont know of any dsm meets. but i do know there are alot of dsm's in bakersfield. if you ever think youll be in town let me know.

Thanks, we work really hard to keep them all going.. That is my reason for going to work everyday.. lol.. Gotta love owning a DSM... :)

youre actually not to far away. i am planning on getting a GReddy turbo timer, upraged brakes, i have thought about lowering it but i am not to sure if i am going to or not. possibly a new exhaust system. i will see how much my wife will let me spend on it.

Gave ya a 10 for the awesome job you are doing in both worlds.. The dsm and the Marine Corps... Keep up all the great work... Looks good..

I believe your car falls into the sleeper category which i love. great looking car. i bet it is fun as *** to drive.
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