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spragg Stats
Car: 90eclipsegsx
Performance: The 14b turbo was replaced with a 16g turbo , It is lowered 2' agx suspencion, Racing clutch,apc racing seats, Short shifter, Full brake drilled and slotted rotors,dynomax exhaust, New boost controller, Shifting light,boost gauge, intake, blitz turbo timer, coil on plug ignition system.
About Me: aim- spraggster13
Style: The front of the car was converted to the 1992 style, With no flip up lights,hids,mazda three rims,apc racing seats,blue/green glow gauges ,tints, It has a system in it with a 1500 watt amp.
Views: 4501
Score: 99 Points from 12 votes = 8

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: driver
City: naugatuck

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my name is mike spragg and here is my blue 1990 mitsubishi eclipse. It is an all wheel drive turbo, With under 90,000 miles on it,

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Hey mike how many hp do you have with the mods you got?

Yes right now im am actually building the motor up from scratch...sooo far I got the 4g63t stage 5 5angle ported an polished head...mhi evo III big 16g turbo greddy 24v fmic an all pipe work 580cc fuel injectors....an Im am still waiting on parts to arrive Ill let you know when Im done should be by the end of june... Ill let you know for sure I should have about 400whp!!!

i thinking its almost time for us to update som pics you got to get that thing back on the road

i thinking its almost time for us to update som pics you got to get that thing back on the road

Hey there I've got a small electrical problem... None of my brake lights light up anymore; but all the tailights work just fine when the switch is on. Its weird and anoying lol.

I finally got some pics up.

Thx. I like white on 1g's, kind of makes them stand out. Even more if they're well kept... Because the transition with the black top and the contrast is just priceless, specialy if you got tinted windows on top of it....!!

mike, whats up. when we're gonna do the gauges for my car lol?

Very nice job with the body of the car. Nice clean and original look. Like the subtle touch to the wheels; looks like it was met to be. Also like the performance specs. Makes you wanna take a long fast drive on the highway! Nice man, gave you a 9.

hey beautiful car
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