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spooln89 Stats
Car: 89 Mirage
Performance: In process of building 1st gen 4G63 6bolt turbo with, .020 over coated Wiseco's, all ARP studs, balance shafts ele. polished rods, ported and polished head w/SSI valves, SBI brass valve guides, Brian Crower springs and titanium retainers, BC 272/272 cams, ported and polished 16g, Evo 8 Exhaust manifold, Buschur C.O.P kit, Turbo XS Evo 8 upgrade FMIC, full custom 3" exhaust, ACT 2100 clutch, ACT XACT flywheel, Walbro 255 fuel pump, AEM Adj. fuel pres. reg. 550cc Fuel inj.
About Me: I love DSM's and have grown up around them. My father and I have had roughly 15 Conquest's/Starion's. I have had numerous FWD/AWD turbo Eclipse's and Talon's. I also have a 93 T/T Stealth pushing 475awhp.
Style: No mods really on the outside, just a set of 17" BSA 259's I had laying around to make it look better.
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Score: 50 Points from 6 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
Occupation: CMM Technician @ LSP Automotive
City: Union, SC

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89 Mirage Hatchback, (!Currently undergoing 1st gen 6 bolt 4G63 turbo swap!) Factory 1.6 DOHC turbo engine with 9b turbo. I picked up the car pretty cheap, and it is a creampuff. It was all original and all stock when I got it.

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I love this car. Keep up the good work!

I do in Spartenburge. Chelsea, Ryan and some others. Chelsea has 2 dsm's. She is on here somewhere. She has a 98 n/a talon and a 91 awd Tsi talon. Her boyfriend Ryan has a dsm non turbo.

Thanks, gave ya a 10 for the awesome car and project you have going on there. Thanks though, I have worked hard for my girls and I am still working for them (everyday at work)lol.. You ever come this way? I don't even know how far you are from here? Anyways, keep up the great work. :)

Very clean mirage man!! It's hard to find them in such a good shape from the inside out, stock, plus the turbo version on top of it. I give you a lot of props. the rims look sick on it, good choice. My friend has a blue one. He's pushing 490hp at the wheels at 23psi. He wants to turn it into a AWD. Great job on the engine swap, I'm loving the parts beeing put in there. Keep up the good work.
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