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ruloco23 Stats
Car: 1994 Eagle
Performance: <2.3L Stroker Motor> Eagle Rods Removed Balance Shaft 3" Mandrel Bent DP back exhaust. PTE 680cc Injectors Walbro 255 FP (Rewired) PLX M-300 WB o2 GM 3" MAFT Setup Steel Braided Clutch Line Front Mount Intercooler Rebuilt Tranny 2" Drop with Tien Springs Strut Tower brace Autometer Phantom Boost Gauge Blitz FATT Turbo Timer Future mods include... <4 Gear Center Diff> <1000cc injectors>
About Me
Style: "Drift" Body Kit: :European Spec Taillights (My fave lol): :6.5" tv with dvd: :REAL CF dash trim: :REAL CF gauge Bezel: :Misc trim peices done in Black cf fabric.: :17" Enki DM5s: :Indiglo Gauges: :Durango Copper Paint: :8000k HIDs:
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Score: 234 Points from 38 votes = 6

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: I work for a dsm shop in Colorado Springs
City: Colorado springs

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Bought the car 4 years ago almost bone stock. I have completely changed this car from the dented maroon bucket to what it is today. ( More Pics Comming, I have updated alot that arent on here) This cars primarly a show car but I love to race it at the track on weekends. Got the body kit because I was hit by a drunk driver and cost too much for OEM body parts so thats that story.(Ill post those pics too)

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10 Last Member Comments

duuude that car is ***!!!...

I got the new pics uploaded check them out.

Man, i got new pics but everytime i try to import them off my camera it freezes my computer.

That is one of the nicest 1gs ive seen in a long time good job man.

nice lookin 1g. im gald to see another a clean dsm. i rate urs a 10. check mine too.

nice lookin 1g. im gald to see another a clean dsm. i rate urs a 10. check mine too.

Nice looking car you got there. Good work

Car is lookin very clean 10 from me!!!

awesome paint

thanks man im working on new pics but i have no time anymore im trying lol
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