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michael Stats
Car: Talon TSI
Performance: It has an Apex-I N1 3" turboback catless exhaust to a 4.5" muffler, I have a K&N filter, JDM black-top Greddy Type-S BOV, a front upper strut bar, OBX R boost and oil pressure gauges, glow shift pod pillar, Turbo XS boost controller running 15psi, 180 degree thermostat, so far thats it, but i have more to come!
About Me: i am 16yrs old and i live in MN. add me on myspace, i have MANY pics of the DSM. myspace . com /turnerbrian
Style: I have mesh screen in the bumpers, chrome headlights, ADR formula 5 bronze rims, alpine type s 6 x 9 speakers, and painted parts in engine bay, white face gauges, white face a/c panels, c/f vynal on int. pieces, red out tails, alpine type s door speakers
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Gender: Male
City: monticello

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I got my car on 5/9/06. As for plans, I'm not sure yet! I like looking at other cars to get ideas and kind of go from there! ask me for my myspace URL, i have over 100 pics of my car on it!

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hey when you put your valve cover on did you get a lot of chiping evry bolt i put in chiped around the edges? and were did you get you spark plug cover im looking for a cheap one?

that looks like abitch to do. i have that vynil for my back light and it was a pain.....{URL}

where did you get your spark plug cover at?

well dam kid you need to stop messing with that dam gsx and start moding the talon again!!!

not even going to start on that...

RICER lol j/k mike

i mean i want an awd talon

sweet a$$ ride man! thats the car i want next! you get a 10!

heyy nice talon,where did u get the mesh grill?? lol we got the same guages =]

know anyone selling a 1g talon 92-94
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