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Car: 95 eagle talon tsi awd 5 speed
Performance: As of now i have a fmic, 2.5inch piping, 3inch turbo back exhaust, equal length tuned exhaust manifold, intake, heavy duty clutch, b&m short throw shifter, greddy bov, sonar angel eyes head lights, alpine head unit jvc speakers and a 500 watt visonic 12 in a box with 500 watt amp.
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Style: H.P not looks even tho she has them too.
Views: 1771
Score: 17 Points from 2 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Professional Tire Technician
City: Scranton Pa

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Well this is my first car i bought it in sept of 07 bone stock, me and friends have done all of the mods.

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locally, im from PR. any speedshop has parts for us. DSM are common mod cars.

Oh and i get all my stuff from my friends shop {URL}

you where asking about my h.p. well for the winter we put it at 10psi and close to stock fuel setting and made 250awhp This sunner we are looking to put it back at 390awhp at 28-30 psi any more is just retarded with out a track 350ish awhp = no traction in 1st and 2nd. Thanks for the coments! your car rocks too
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