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kgoss03 Stats
Car: Eclipse GST
Performance: 50 trim Ball Bearing ..Greddy type S bov,msd ignition,strut bar, NGK plugs K&N Filter, All Greddy Piping And Clamps, Spearco FMIC(used for a month before bent up)
About Me: im a lover of nice dsm's
Style: Stock/Clean Look :) with projecter headlights acourse(used for 3weeks) Main Picture was most recent before it was wrecked!!!!
Views: 6050
Score: 216 Points from 32 votes = 6

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: oil refinery
City: Youngstown

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Will Pull On Anything with 2 or 4 wheels

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woaw :( but i least you got some cash for it.. right now somewhere inside my block there is coolant escaping and i have open the engine and i cant find nothing....only blows up coolant sometimes :S....... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 420a is a painnnnnn :P lol

did you totaled :O ???????

hey bro go check out the new pics i have some on myspace to

I was thinkin of candy red...but den here wer I stay have a lot of candy colors..but yeah candy sounds good! a good fren of mind is tellin meeh 2 paint it champion white..do u think champion white sounds good? and rite now I might be behind on da paint job...my computer box gave up on meeh...and itz hard 2 get dat in! suckz aint it

Its a gsx...rite now im workin on getting a new paint job...im still debating if I should have it 2 tone...in your own perespective...wat do yooh think is a good color.? should I go for metalic, matte, chrome, candy..?


Well keep us all up dated.. Gotta love getting an early Christmas present, esp. when it comes to DSM's. Or anything for our cars...lol..

Are you going to get another one and fix her up? I hope so. I love DSM's.. They cost alot of money but I love my girls... Gave ya a 10

thanx bro haha...i need to take more pix..

nice car! im with you, i like the nice, clean, stock lowered look! ans i love that big a$$ turbo!!
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