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Car: 95 tsi awd
Performance: ok its a 95 tsi, stage2 6 bolt, GT30R turbo, ss Exhaust Manifold with tile 38 wast gate,2 stage boost controler 22lbs(low) 28lbs(hi),3 in. turbo back Exhaust, dsmlink, FMIC 1g stile, ACT 2600 Clutch, daly driven. and more
About Me: i LOVE DSMs feel free to coment im happy to hear what you have to say
Style: i want it to go fast befor it looks fast or go faster than it looks
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Score: 71 Points from 9 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
Occupation: get money to make it faster
City: seattle

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I got it in 2004 as of 2006 i started uping the power and i just cant get enough.

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nice car....hows the 30r?? i was thinking about running that turbo...i got a gsx im building...looks good....8

whats the name of his shop dont give me a web adress this site blocks it just give me the name thanks man.

I should have read your info first that answered some of my questions, and what you said about style is exactly how I feel. I’m trying to do the same. I gave you a ten.

Hey man this is amazing I want my car to be this way in a few years, how much h.p is she running?, and boost, on stock internals?, 7 bolt or 6? any info like places where you buy your parts especially would be appreciated, and once again this is a ballin car.

I finally got pics up.

wow, bet its way pissed off with that new turbo. seems like a good match

nice clean talon, love the choice in mods. bet it pulls hard, and the link tops it off. sweet keep it up.

Got some new pics up for my next rebuild. Check it out..

Thanks, she is my other baby... Once you get start upgrading, its additive.. Its like once you get that first tattoo or piercing, you have to have more... lol

Well yeah it is a open dump. It dumps it under my car. I was thinking about getting the tube and cutting the whole so that it dumps on the side of my front bumper. We will see though. Your car is sweet though. But i know the feeling on making it faster. I blew it up a few weeks ago and just got new block, head, pistons, rods, oil pump, water pump, pretty much a new everything..lol Keep up the work on yours.
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