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jbrazill Stats
Car: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi
Performance: 2.4L, Wisecos, Eagles, BC 280's, SI springs, SI 1mm OS SS valves, P&P Head, Garrett 57trim, T3 mani, Tial WG and BOV, Dejon race FMIC, 3"intake, 3" turbo-back, W255, SAFC II, FIC 1000's, Aero FPR, 6AN line, JM fabrications Coil on Plug, MSD DIS II located in GB, GM MAF, trans, window "off-track 2000" mod.
About Me: I like DSM's and most of the DSM community.
Style: A sleeper fwd. No fancy-shmancy graphics. 2.4L+57trim+lots o fuel= traction retarded
Views: 4865
Score: 69 Points from 9 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: I work for JR Race Car
City: Evans, CO

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I bought my car in 03 with 62K on it. It was bone stock.

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10 Last Member Comments

I hit you with 10!Sick motor build!What kind of numbers are you putting down in the 1/4?

Nice 1st gen!!! Where did u get ur cat back @ for ur fwd????? I cant find no site that has them for da fwd turbos....

I love it, sleeper all the way. keep it up.

Yes, that is me.......... hisandherturbo wouldn't fit on here......lol, and you are?

Looks real nice!!! And some decent mods!!! what kind of times/power does it do?

sweeet car dude...keep up the good work!

Check out my new toy.. She is the new addition to the family.. Right now she is getting some work done so she is not running at this time..

Nice Talon!

Very clean car man. You've done alot of work I see. How does it run at the track?

Thanks.. That is cool that that is the stock paint.. Mine had a paint job about 4 years or 5 years ago but I think the people that had it painted had a cheap paint job done because you can see all the little stuff under the paint.. But she still looks good I think.. I love my old girl.. Watch out, two females together and plus our daughter makes 3 chicks in one car, sounds like trouble to me.. lol
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