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dsmguy08 Stats
Car: '97 Eagle Talon TSI
Performance: 235 hp. 10 psi.
About Me: When im not sleeping or working, i work on my car. i want to do soo much more to it. but lack of funding... well. you know how that goes. lol.
Style: 3" custom cb exh. racing plugs/wires. sachai 17" wheels. ported intake manifold. greddy massflow intake adptr. autometer column pod and boost/vacuum gauge. b&m cue ball short shifter.
Views: 2118
Score: 32 Points from 4 votes = 8

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: sales
City: Bellville

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Ive been working on my car almost a year. its kinda a paycheck to paycheck modification thing. but the cars my life.

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Yeah, Evo3 16g. :)

got a few new pics up that i just took today

cool bro i apreciate all the info im still tryin to figure these cars out lol im used to working on vehicals from the 70s so these things are a whole different animal ill be posting some new pics hopfully in a week or so if it ever quits snowing so i can take some but i have the 97 spoiler on it now and new wheels!

lol nice, so back the screw out to go up or turn it in??

dont you have to have a scanner tool hooked up to mess with that idle screw?? vfaq said you did ofcoarse im shure there makeing it sound a lot harder then it realy is

yea i just replaced my TPS, 02's, and fuel pump its running a lot better idle still a little lower then id like but its smooth anyway. i plan on gettin a evo3 and front mout for it this summer then my boost problem shuld be takein care of i hope i also wana try and get the rest of my fule system upgraded within the next few months but ill see how everything works out i gess

love the talon man looks awsome its about what mine will look like after i can find all the parts im in the middle of doing a 2gb upgrad but all iv managed to get so far is the spoiler tryin to find the bumpers without buying from a dealer

you no i havent even put it on yet lol i have been meaning to but my car is away for the winter and im going up to my friends dads shop to put it on the lifts because it will be much easyer but with low boost im sure i wont have a problem mines only at like 12 psi now

tuners .com

wow im stupid not rate my dsm lol www. dsm {URL}
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