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Car: talon
Performance: BJ's cylinder head, FP2 cams,magnus intake, 1g TB, gt35r,eagle 2.3l crank, crower rods,water injection,hks bov,dsmlink, 780cc injectors,IPT trans, 4k stall billet converter she is my sleeper haveto be careful spins in 1st,2nd,3rd its fwd automatic
About Me: my favorite thing to do is drag race my baby with my hubby, he has his eclipse that kills me but my baby is pretty fast.
Style: has some graphics as you can see going to get new paint job will be 2 tone black and silver soon hopefully
Views: 1913
Score: 33 Points from 6 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Female
Occupation: massage therpist
City: baroda

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this is my second baby we have worked on it to make it fast new motor i should hit low 12's.The only other loves of life my daughter Rayven and hubby.black car is hubbys and alot faster than my car

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Thanks for the comment. I have never had my Talon at the track adn probably never will. On 100% meth and pump gas I should easily get 400AWHP though.

HI, how are ya??

How are you doing? How is the car running? Did ya get the tranny fixed? How is your "baby" doing?

I emailed you to vent. Sorry.. Everyone is good. We went Saturday to sign our daughters modeling contract and the pup gets to go to work with me on Thursdays, only because I work at the SPCA which is where I got her in the first place and where she goes to get groomed. But she gets to go with me to work on Thurs. and hang out with me so that she won't be at home all day by herself. How is the race life going?

Thanks... Will see what I can do..lol..

cool. I was thinking of getting a bra but I dunno how it would look or anything... But I am still thinking about it. The bugs around here are horrible so it would be for the best I think. Well I hope to hear and talk at ya later. Carla

Do you have the bra on your car? Do you have a problem with it rubbing and running the paint off? Just wondering. Like the hubby's car. Two nice cars ya both have there.. lol

Hey guess what, I found a dsm website for chicks.. I will email the website to you. There are actually a lot of them out there. Gotta go get the little one. Laterz chickade

I started a topic on here. I think you should check it out and put your opinion on there. I wonder where everyone is at? No one gets on here and talks anymore. No one even rates anyone fairly either.

I added two new pictures to my pic. I added two of the hubbies tattoo and one of the motor which is my main picture and one of the hubby, daughter, and the doggy with the car. That one is my favorite(the one with the doggy, hubby and Christina).
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