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danigurl Stats
Car: 96 TSi AWD
Performance: Six bolt swap. 720cc injectors. FMIC. Evo3 16g. HKS SSQV BOV. DSMLink v2. 2g manifold, heavily ported. B&M short throw shifter. Centerforce CFDF Clutch. XACT lightweight flywheel. KONI yellow struts. H&R racing springs. +much more.
About Me: I like pie.
Style: 97-98 TSi front/rear bumper + spoiler. ADR Rims. Projector headlights with clear corners. DEFI d-series Boost/EGT on Cluster Bezel. Powder coated engine parts.
Views: 10956
Score: 118 Points from 13 votes = 9

My Brief Profile
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
City: Western Mass

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I bought the car in Jan 07 with 52k miles. Almost immediately, we swapped the stock 7bolt for a 6-bolt 4g63. The fun has continued ever since! Newest buy: HKS 272 cams.

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10 Last Member Comments

nice car like were u went with it, were did you get most of your parts , and have it tuned i live in central mass not sure of many tuners?

Nice 2gb Talon.

Nice choice on the 16g great turbo!Love the gsx!I gave you 10!

hows the 272 cams?....i was thinking about getting 272 intake and 264 exhaust.. i think thats how the combo went...

I saw this car for sale. Are you staying in the DSM family, or taking a different route. Someone is going to get a sick car if they get your talon.

Good work! Looks like a nice little list of mods, not a huge list but very effective. You get a ten because of the pink turbo. Who says girls cant go fast. Keep on BOOSTING.....

thats what i hope to do to mine. six bolt will come later. but yea. nice car.

thats definitely the first time ive seen a pink powder coated turbo. lol. its gonna look sick. 16g right?

so where did you find your bumpers im tryin to do the 2GB upgrade to mine as well but all i have managed to find so far is the spoiler

so where did you find your bumpers im tryin to do the 2GB upgrade to mine as well but all i have managed to find so far is the spoiler
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