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Car: 1992 Talon
Performance: Bored .50 over and it has a header and test pipe. Customized Ebay Cold Air Intake, and a Accel Kool Blue Filter.
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Style: I took off the stock wing, and put on an aluminum wing. I painted it Daytona blue with a custom pure white graphic. Custom blue led A/C back lights. New shift knob, racing pedals. Just added some 5" driving lights, and i added some red LEDs Just for sh
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Score: 29 Points from 4 votes = 7

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Gender: Male

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My little ricer. I found this car at a used car dealers which is also a junk yard and started rebuilding, from paint to engine it came together nicely. I was going to sell it but it gets better mileage than my other car, and the performance parts are cheeper so I'm going to keep it on the road but if someone makes me a good offer I can't refuse.

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hmm well 800 isnt bad since id be swaping my enging into it any way its the yours is the AWD so id have to use your trans but other than that it would be butter to swap so im considering it just low on cash right now casue ive been throwing tons of cash into mine

lovin the blue also the fact taht its a 1g and it is the awd 6 bolt correct? i might come get that car and swap my engine into it lol beautiful paint job

That car has came a long way, and the blue looks great, i love the interior. You get a 8

oh yea that must have been lovely lol....na but he started it up infrount of me...i dident hear no grinding but it had no fluid and the oil was a lil low...prob from just sitting?...what i really like about it is that its a 6 bolt...and awd turbo...and the only 1g i found...soo idk...

ohh...man you're sellin her...well where are you located?...is it turboed?

like the color!!

pretty hot car...i love the blue...i wana do a fade from blue to the color it is now from top to bottom..u gona work the engine before u get the turbo?im givin ya a 9 =)
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