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brantan Stats
Car: 1991 eclipse gsx
Performance:  well im putting in a new 2.3l stroker 6bolt with eagle rods and wiseco 8.8comp pistons with stock bore. bse kit new oil pump and front cover. existing mods are evo exhaust mani, evo3 16g ported and 34mm flapper. vrs 3"turboback exhaust, fic 660cc injectors, fmic, walbro255lph fuel pump, afpr, maft kit, afc v2, act streetlite flywheel, act 2100clutch, 2.5" intercooler pipes, manual boost controller set at 22psi, hks turbo timmer, af ratio guage, boost guage, oil pressure guage, pyrometer, wideband o2, msd dis2, tre spec trans, tre spec transfer case, eibach prokit, kyb agx struts and shocks, eprom ecu and tons of other stuff
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Style:  sleeper mode is on this car live in ca where they crack down on the modified cars. this car is daily driven so it has full interior and looks like stock until i open the hood
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Gender: Male
Occupation: financial planner and mechanic for BMW
City: dublin

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this car started as a daily driver and has now become my obsession the motor blew so now im rebuilding it with the 2.3 stroker and lots of new goodies

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Thanks for the comment also. Yes the car is daily driven. Still have the AC, Power steering, Stock spring stock height. Good luck with your stroker motor.

Thanks for the comment. That broken piston looks familiar! I did that w/ an 18G turbo 23psi on stock internals. Good luck on the 2.3l swap!!
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