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blue_rst Stats
Car: 1998 Eclipse RS-T
Performance: will add later
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Score: 115 Points from 14 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
Occupation: US Air Force
City: Bangkok

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I bought the car in 2001, it was in storage for 3 years while I was in Korea. I moved to Bangkok and took it with me. It took me about 16 moths to make it what it is.

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10 Last Member Comments

great lookin car! i gave u 10.

Good choice man. Color, wheel color, the wheels themselves, everything is well done.

Thats a good set up you have..keep up the good work...10 from me!!!

Great looking wheels, what kind are they?

i love the setup of your car.. give me more info on your turbo kit and everything you did please!! i like the way you cover it .. any info on that , turbo, mods , internals?? Locko

wow,super nice car bro,ill give u mad props,how did u reverse the engine like that??ur car is like my dream car,i love the interior,im giving you a 10

another thing. im not a big body kit guy, but this car pulled it off!! mad props bro!!

WOW!!! i gave you a 10 man!! this car is soooowweett! you dont see many people putting a turbo on the 420A. so.......how fats is it? what size turbo is that. it almost looks like the t3 i have on my mustang. crazy nice!!

RSt rule man. takes mad skills and work to put up with the conversions rather then buying a 4g63 engine:) i had a rs and thought about getting a turbo kit but i sold it and got a gsx instead mad props man keep up good work

where did you get those seats from?
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