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ashkix Stats
Car: 90 Eagle Talon TSI
Performance: Eagle Rods, Ross pistons, ARP fasteners, Ferrea valves, Crower springs, HKS/272 cams, OBX Cam Gears, Garrett GT35R BB Turbo, Ebay 32x12x4 FMIC, Ebay BOV, Ebay T3 manifold, Ebay external Wastegate, Custom pipings, Custom 3" Exhaust, Apexi SAFC, 2G Mas, 225plh Fuel pump, Fuel Pump, rewire kit, 2600lbs ACT clutch, 4 spider diff, MSD-Dis2.
About Me
Style: 92-94 Custom Drift Body kit Evo style wing 17" Wheels
Views: 5755
Score: 127 Points from 18 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Alart Tech. Auto Mechanic
City: West Orange, NJ

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1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 11.5/118, 1/4 mile, 25psi Boost, 116 octane. 3350lbs. Built for speed and comfort, with style. Still have the AC, Power steering and the stock spring for smoother ride. Daily driven car.

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10 Last Member Comments

Nice 1ne der..ur car is lookin too fine..I giv ya' a 10

Nice 1ne der..ur car is lookin too fine..I giv ya' a 10

u got a 10 from me too man .... it looks like what i had in my head for mine .... realy nice:)

nice kit!!!

Thats one clean 1g. I like that front bumper...No need to cut for a big FMIC...lol...Keep it up 10++

GREAT!!! the aero EVO style... do you have other photos???? post more photos!!!

Have you done anything new to her yet? Still looking good though. :)

Yeah, I'm not huge on bodykits, but THAT. Yeah, excellent.

Sweet car man.. I gave ya a 10+++ Car looks really good.

VERY clean example. Nicely done.
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