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ajb561 Stats
Car: '90 TalonTSI
Performance: Performance of this car is amazing,rides quiet and handles great.
About Me: I've been collecting/building cars for over 25yrs. Went from muscle to TUNERS...Two sons that keep me busy. I like to golf and ride motocross.
Style: Very few mods to this GEM, boost control,air intake,fuel pressure gauge with boost gauge,front/rear strut bars and chrome cat. eliminator.
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Score: 61 Points from 7 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Manager
City: Omaha

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This is one of the premier talons in the country...1990 Talon TSI AWD TURBO MANUAL in original condition with 40k miles!

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Nice and Well kept. look good man.. i gave u a 10

wow thats clean as ***. you get a 10 from me man i bet that thing still has that new car smell

So so new. I'm jealousssssss!!!!!!!!

looks real good, you really cant find one much cleaner than this that is all original. I gave you a 10!

Nice and Well kept.

wow thats a clean 1g man im gunna give ya a 10
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