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Car: 1998 eclipse gsx
Performance: two 12 inch. RE's sub woofer..just added intake and turbo...and more 2 come
About Me: Im into carz and graffitis..i usually like strollin around wit bunch of mah boyz around..specially wit diffrent cars
Style: Right now da body is still on stock...but in a few months u'll see it change...
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Score: 17 Points from 2 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Student/Baker
City: 671

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been workin on dis babeeh for about 2 weeks now..I just bought it recently for about $4999 but it was worth it they rarely use it...and da life of deeh car is still cherry..

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Too bad its an RS :)

Hey is your car an auto or standard?

Yeah I plan on taking it a couple times...but I dont want to fuk it up...But ill pro take it a couple times!!!! I just cant wait to drive it when its all done!!!

yea, its stick. i just heard that there is a problem to fit this wing on gs's trunk.

i think im gonna make it more for show. really dont know yet lol. i wanna get gsx wing, but i heard there might be some problems to put it on gs. do u kno anything about it?

Go for candy bro.... No I dont have boost yet working on that right now tho...I got my motor ripped apart right now an im doing a 2.4L stroker motor build up it is the 4g64 block with the 4g63 head the head im using is ported an polished then im using the gt35r turbo im buildin all the internals tranny clutch etc rebuiling the motor from the crank up when Im done with it hopefully by may I should have abt 600hp!!!!

i would say go for that candy paint! which color u thinkin?

10 from me, looks fresh!

Thanks bro...I see you ridin in a red eclipse gotta stay with the red..you got a 10 from me looks clean!!! Future Plans?

whats ur future plans for the car is it a GS, gst,gsx?
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