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Talon50 Stats
Car: 95 Eclipse
Performance: 6 bolt swap, DSMLINK, XS Power header, 60-1 Precision turbo, 3 inch custom exhaust with V-band connection and a Skunk2 muffler, Tial 44mm wastegate, Manual boost controller, 28x12x3 intercooler, 2.5 piping, Tial BOV, Extreme PSI couplers, 3inch GM MAF, MAF Translator 2G, Flex-Lite slim fan, 255 Walbro fuelpump, 850cc FIC injectors, Aeromotive A1000 Fuel pressure Regulator, AEM wideband, Autometer boost gauge, SS oil feed line, SS fuel feed line, JDM Valve cover.
About Me: I'm a DSM guy.
Style: Stock
Views: 2419
Score: 55 Points from 7 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: UPS Slave
City: Louisville

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1995 GSX Eclipse. I just sold my 93 Eagle Talon for this 95 Eclipse. Its got alot of mods. The car was down for over a year do to the previous owner not finishing it. So I finish the car and have it looking 10 times better than it was. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

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Thanks, Your Car Is Really Clean. I would rather have a GST os GSX, but i cant even afford this one... Im actually Selling the car, The Parts are too expensive and i dont have the patience to work on it anymore... the 420a is a pain haha

DSMLINK is the best mod ever, that engine bay is clean.

nice I finally got some pics up, woot woot for me.

nice I finally got some pics up, woot woot for me.

Sweet. I didnt know the stoker kit would fix that. You just saved me a load of money dude. I was lookin at that 2.3 kit, but I thought i had to fix the car first. That explanation was perfect. Good lookin out man.

Im prety sure I saw a 7 bolt to 6 bolt conversion kit somewhere... I might just be retarded though. Can you explain, in detail, what the difference is. I just dont really understand, it would be appreciated.

Is the whole motor swap needed? I thought there were 6 bolt conversion kits. Im worried about crank walking but i dont have the money or time for a full swap!

I am hoping to take all three to the track but I would love to just take the mustang and the eclipse.. I have been wanting to see what the eclipse is running ever since we got her back on the road last Aug. So we will see how things work out. I am sorry to hear about your car. But what do you expect. lol. j/p.. My eclipse is acting up big time but I am so used to it now that I don't even really care any more..lol..

The 1/8th mile race http : //youtube . com /watch?v=_Q9C_VGYDVs

Thanks, Actually havnt had a chance to run it. I did however run it when i was BAsically almost stock. Just had Boost Controller, Exhaust and SAFC, i pulled a 9.5 with a shitty 1.9 60ft at our local 1/8th track. That was with mean *** IC pipe being blown off on the 1st - 2nd shift. But now with the build underway, havnt had a chance to run it. Check it out.. {URL} That was my Run... Shitty race lol
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