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Car: 97' Eagle Talon Tsi
Performance:  Well.... I have 3 in. exhaust (with duals), soild motor mounts, 14b turbo, greddy profec-b type-s boost controller, stage-3 six puck clutch and lightweight flywheel, K&N FIPK kit, short throw shifter, open dump tupe o2 housing, turbo timer. And soon to have installed front mount intercooler, 2.75 piping, set of Gs-t factory rims painted bronze.
About Me
Style:  Now for the outside.. I have carbon fiber hood, fenders, doors, and rear hatch. Soon to have carbon fiber wing, and a couple of other items to have made like factory side skirts and the trim on the door.
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Score: 38 Points from 5 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: I'm a machist and a welder
City: Linwood, N.C.

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My car is a 97' Eagle Talon Tsi. I've had the car for about four years now. I'm the second owner of it, its been well maintained and is my daily driver. And is was stock when i got it.

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hey were did you find the new headlights i got som projectors and they say they were for a 98 talon but nothin matches up were it is supost to?

nice talon....where u get them blue hoses...nice ill give ya a 9

You are pretty close to us..:).. Love the car.. Gave ya a 10+++ I will soon have a stage 3 six puck in the white eclipse.. Keep up all the great work..

i like your talon man. clean and all performance.

ur car must be so light. nice cosmetic work.
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