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Car: 97 GSX
Performance:  24x12x2.5 FMIC, Evo III Big 16G, Ported 2G O2 housing, Equal length tubular exhaust manifold. RFL BOV. Apexi N-1 downpipe, and apexi cat back. walbro 255, 550cc Injectors, HKS Super AFR Has Front and rear strut bars and rear lower tie bar, EGT gauge, Air/fuel, boost gauge, 3 gauge "A" pillar pod. _________________ The Pic of the 1G is my old car, now Sleeping'scar _______________________________________________________ The 95-96 eclipse was my first DSM, it was a 95 GS-T ________________________________________________
About Me: I like clean cars, I don't like big wings, Dash overlay kits, stickers on the car, or any tacky stuff, less is more alot of the time.
Style:  2-tone exterior, black on bottom, kameleon on top. Stock body kit (Don't like body kits, they are to "busy", I like clean and simple) Racing heart 18 in rims, Falken tires, Kenwood double Din DVD cd player. infiniti/jbl subs and interior speakers._
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Score: 438 Points from 62 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Car Audio Sales (CarToys)
City: Seattle

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My GSX is my third DSM, I love these cars and can't get away from them. I want this car to be show quality but clean, so no full body kits or big aluminum wings. I am not one to do "all show and no go", so i want it to have some decent Hp.

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Clean n crisp, a 10...

Clean n crisp, a 10...

thx man! i just got one more question and i don't know who i should ask. i need new front bumper for my car. will gs-t bumper fit on my gs? (i found it on ebay, whole painted in red)

hot car bro...nice pant scheme...10

great looking car. how did u get interior in blue? is it painted? (im talking about doors, not seats). i gave u 10.

love the car man very clean a perfect 10!

10, fantastic job

clean ride

B E A U Ti Ful!

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