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SMKN20LB Stats
Car: 1990 Talon TSi
Performance: Pretty much every bolt on possible! No internal work yet but going for the stroker but not sure what turbo I want yet. With the mods I have at 20psi puts me dead even on the highway with my buddy's ZO6! Not bad for a 17 year old car!
About Me
Style: Mostly like to keep it stock but the huge FMIC and 2G GSX wheels kinda give something away!
Views: 3379
Score: 106 Points from 18 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Concrete Testing Technician, the easiest part of the construction industry!!
City: Elgin

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Best 1G in my town!

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Are you in South Carolina?

Love the color... Cool car.. I am keepin the sleeper look as much as possiable..lol

One sick ride man! Really diggin the short rout intercooler!

NIce really clean man im loveing the front mount

DAMn, i need me a FMIC like that 1. LOL

looks nice

bad ass 1g man..

Nice 1G Like the cut out front bumper for your enourmous FMIC

times are in best run 12.46 spinning bout the first 1/8th mile

nice ride i like the intercooler
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