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SLIM187 Stats
Car: 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD
Performance: - 20g turbo - DSM Link - Megan Racing Turbo Cat back Exhaust - New Motor (not going to say whats done to it!) - Tuned - FMIC - Dejon short ram Intake w/ K&N filter - 550 RC injectors - 255lph walbro - HKS sound bov
About Me: I work Security and now I am joining the ARMY!
Style: I'm just doing the Black on Black thing.....
Views: 6660
Score: 60 Points from 8 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Security
City: Colorado Springs

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I have neen working on this car for a while now.

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10 Last Member Comments

baddd assss looking car...its sick... hows the lag with the 20g tho...you get a 9

Man she looks evil with dat fmic!!!! For real. I want to get one bad!!!But gonna get what i need first..BAD *** FIRST GEN YO....

oh, forgot to tell ya, we are having lots of fun here.. Between the 3, I have a hard time deciding which one to drive.. I drive the talon to work and stuff because it gets a little bit better gas mileage than the eclipse.. But I love my eclipse.. I love them both and love driving the mustang too.. I am having to much fun here.. lol...

Have ya done anything else to the old girl? Still looking good there... :)

love the black on black.

Very Very Clean. Nice Mod List aswell but hiding the Internals i see :). Keep up the good work. 10

Some new pics.

LOOKS GOOD!!! I'm in the springs also!!! CYA around!

Nice. Its really clean. Ok going now to find a hose for mine. :)

mine are drag dr-17's
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