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Car: 1992 Eclipse GSX TURBO
Performance: Gs is bone stock except for the Flowmaster, and the Motegi FF7's. The GSX has a Thermal Research 3" catback, custom headers, ACT heavy duty clutch kit, and a lot of engine work.
About Me: I've always been into tuners, especially dsm's. Im just starting to learn about engines and technical stuff, so take it easy on me! You can't know everything right away right? Im learning though, and thats why I joined this sight. DSM POWER!
Style: Black goes good with everything!
Views: 2147
Score: 44 Points from 6 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Job Hunting
City: Lancaster

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Ok.... The white one is a 1993 GS. Shes my baby but shes beat. The red one is my new toy. 1992 GSX Turbo. aka..winter fun! New pics soon... gotta paint it 1st.

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my car is actin funny. no balls gives a were sound almost like a knock or an exhaust leak but it only does it after 4k rpm knock comin from turbo not motor. wht would it b

the web site blocked out the url....can u send it to my email address??..tommr@ optonline .net..and ur gsx looks sooo beastly =)

love ur tail lights...where u get them....i been looking all over...

love ur tail lights...where u get them....i been looking all over...

the cars looking good keep up the good work

No prob man. I'm glad I could help. But if you going to go with a stroker kit, just make sure you do the building right. Have someone who knows what their doing before building up. Make sure everything is clean of dirt and dust at all times. There's alot of stuff that go with doing a good reliable build. Just make sure it will be done right the first time! Later man

Well, You really don't need to swap motors. What you can do is take your engine out, Buy a stroker kit.Make sure it has a crank with it, And put everything back together and everything will be fine. With 7 bolt motors you have a high risk for crank walk. Which is where your crank eats your bearings. The reason why this happens is because the cranks for the 7 bolts were not knife edged for the bearings. So therefore causing crank walk and a blown motor after awhile. So in other words, Rebuild your motor and change out your crank. But I think the stroker kit would be the way to go. If you have any other questions just let me know man.Daniel

hey lets see if you can help me with something?when my car starts it revs to like 2500 rpms and stays there till is warms up then it idles normal but still surges a lil bit every once and a while? and since i put the fuel pressure regulator on it take a second to strt ne more and my air fuel gauge goes bak and forth unless u r half throttle or more then it reads steady??

I do think the swap is very necessary..I don't want to worry about crank walk at all..So 6 bolt is they way to go to me.Why..Are you looking to do the swap?

im liking your too. i gave u a ten
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