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Gsclipse Stats
Car: 97 Eclipse
About Me
Style: JDM
Views: 1613
Score: 13 Points from 2 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
City: Orlando

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I no longer own an eclipse. Ive switched to a Mk4 VW Jetta GLI

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I've had a 420A man and I loved it. I want another one. Not for power but to drive around in and just build my GSX. But I think I'm just going to try and get a EVO sometime soon.

Even tho your car isn't turbo'd its very nice and clean.

yea i like the 2Gs too...but like the 97-99 years....first thing u would havee to do is a 6 bolt swap...but yea if u wana get another dsm...look around....there should be alot in florida

tru tru...are you gona stay with the 2Gs or you gona look for a 1G?

thanx man...trying to keep it clean....love the clean look...and im tryin to get the gsx to the same status..u get a exhaust done in your car?

looks alright....needs a 4g63 tho ;-) .... 7

looks like a good place to start I'll start you off with a 6
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