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GSkid98 Stats
Car: Eclipse GS
Performance: Forged internals, hp headers, hks exhaust, AEM cold air intake, tein lowering springs, drag 17" rims
About Me: Im 16, live in Jacksonville, Fl I love to work on cars, and im entering shows every weekend, and have a couple trophies under my belt, and im just trying to get noticed.
Style: Black Halo projector headlights, smoked tailights, 17" drag rims...more coming....
Views: 3032
Score: 53 Points from 6 votes = 8

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
City: Orange Park

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Immaculate 1998 eclipse gs

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hey i have the same car as you now had an talon as it shows here but need to know what the color on your car is clled i need to get a spot painted and no one around me has a car this color mine is more race than show right now when i get it fixed will be both please let me know what the color is called thanks dsmgirl

hows the shows, have not seen the car in awhile.10 from me

Hey I just notice your on my friends list in myspace...Love the dsm 10 from me!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year..

Like the color. Good to see a younger guy not having a bodykit. Got it built now it just needs to be turboed. Nice clean car.

Gave ya a 9.. Car looks great.. Are you going to do anything performance wise to her? Keep up all the great work...

you get a nine from me would of been 10 but a GS :(, btw all around nice whip!
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