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Car: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
Performance: Turbo xs dual stage boost controller (low end: 14 psi high end: 18 psi). Hacked can w/ K&N air filter. ACT Clutch w/ short shifter. Walbro 255 fuel pump . Magnecor plugs and wires. 2g manifold. 3g lifters. test pipe. Removed Catalitic converter
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Style: Going sleeper no kits, wings lips, and all that crap. 17'' Masitaly rims. Silverstar headlights. KYB Struts. Second generation brakes (front). 20% black tinted windows. INTERIOR: blaupunkt removable mp3 head unit. pioneer speakers, Boost & a/f guages
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Gender: Male
City: Philly

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'91 TSi, this is my first car. Had it about 9 months now fixing some issues then building her up.

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I do believe she has already checked out all the sites.. I will ask her when I see her again or talk to her... But thanks again..

nice talon man

We have checked the junk yards.. You have to be real careful how you put a web site on here.. I always spell everything out... even the at hotmail dot com part... he he he

Hey, a really good friend of mine is looking for that same wrap around wing for her Tsi awd talon. Do you know where she can get one? Car looks sweet though.. Great job... Keep up the awesome work... Looks kinda like my old girl... Thanks though for the comment.. I love both of our cars but I think I love mine more... he he he
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