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BlckFuze Stats
Car: 91 Talon TSI
Performance: so far.... just a hallman manual boost controller. Walbro 255 on its way! balance shaft removal is going in. external dump ported o2 housing. next up Apexi SAFCII
About Me: I bought my dsm, not really liking the body style or anything. now that ive had it awhile ive grown to LOVE IT
Style: after market boost gauge.... and after market white glow gauges
Views: 5161
Score: 48 Points from 6 votes = 8

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: delivery guy. fisherman. ebay seller.
City: Portland

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Um... lets see. Well i got my car in march of this year. had some problems that i had to fix. but now its all good! and my baby :)

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yeahh look like mine when it havent seen winter haha winter drift = pricelesss

Just like Mcdonalds "I'm loving it!"....lol

Just like Mcdonalds "I'm loving it!"....lol

VERY clean!!

Nice pictures... She looks good...

Dunno what she is running.. We haven't taken her to the track since we fixed her after we bought her.. She was broke down for about 7 month's so all we have been doing is replacing original stuff.. I have the boost turned up to like 12psi. I know she is unusually fast for what she is.. I haven't had the need to turn the boost up to 16psi and pull the bottom honey comb out cause there is not alot of competition around here. lol...

thanks, I have dumped alot of money in to her just to restore her and now to do SOME modding.. I don't really want her any faster.. I like/love her the way she is now... Love... But you have a nice looking car there.. Keep up the great work...

I gave ya an 8.. Pretty nice lookin car ya have there.. Keep up the good work, just remember that by owning a dsm, you will always be broke.. lol.

nice car, very clean!
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