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Angelous Stats
Car: 95 TSI
Performance: nothin major 3" turbo back exahst and a walbro 255 so far its one of those as i have extra cash projects lol
About Me: iv gottin to be a big DSM nut but other then that muscal cars and classic rock is my life
Style: noting big so far 2GB rear spoiler(looking for the bumpers as well), ADR Venomuse Wheels, black projector headlights, plan on haveing a 2" drop and hopfully new paint by the end of the summer
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Score: 16 Points from 2 votes = 8

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: profecional truck driver
City: West Fargo

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iv had her for 2 years and for the most part shes still stock iv put a upgraded head gasket 3" turbo back exahst and a cold air intake thats about it so far

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no problem. cool cool. i think the spoiler is gonna be the easiest thing that you couldve found. lol. alot of people dont like the tsi spoiler. oh well. whatever looks nice. right? but yea. let me know how that idle screw thing works for you.

yep. lol. your gonna loosen the retaining nut and tighten the screw while the engine is running. once you have it idling where you want it, hold the screw and tighten down the nut. then its set.

lol. it probably wouldnt hurt to run the setup to the computer to help with air fuel mix but im broke. lol. and it hasnt done anything to hurt mine. the car still runs like a bat out of ***. and i didnt trim mine a whole lot. maybe 1 whole turn of the screw and then tighten the nut back down. it only raised the idle about 100 rpm's.

theres an idle set screw on the back of the throttle body. loosen the nut before you try to loosen the screw tho. other wise the screw strips. i raised my idle speed up to about 800 rpm when i replaced my pressure regulator. it idles nicely now.

same exact problem im having. my fuel pressure regulator went out when i finished my cat back work. that might be whats happening to yours? i replaced mine and havent had a problem since. im still running the stock psi. with the restrictor taken out that is. my the electronic boost controller is keeping mine under wraps. anywer from 6 to 11 pounds it just shoots up and out of control tho. as in spiking. if your running the stock turbo and an after market intake the spiking is probably due to the turbos inability to control the amount of air coming in and leaving it so quickly. im going to upgrade to a big 16g. hopefully that will help even out my boost problems.

front bumper is gonna be hard to find. ive gone to body shops trying to replace mine and they cant get it. im gonna get some 97 spyder side skirts to put on mine. the only other skirts that i can find come in an entire kit. but yea. when you put your turbo back on did you have any back pressure problems? seems like mine lags alot more since i did my cat back.

Really clean 2g. Nice and simple, just the way I like it. About the tailights, is it just a basic tint or is it a required kit you have to buy. I've been wanting to do the same to mine...Anyway nice talon.

nice talon!

nice car man. looks alot like mine. mines a 97 tsi tho. take a look and let me know what you think.
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