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98awdtsi Stats
Car: 98awdtsi
Performance: hks blow off valve k&n air filter 3'catback hks ti carbon exhaust with 3 inch test pipe
About Me: senior in high school
Style: red valve cover custom talon oil cap 17' konig rims 12' xplod sub with 700 watt vibe amp projector head lights 6k hids in fog light
Views: 2335
Score: 50 Points from 7 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: waiter
City: naugtuck ct

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1998 eagle talon tsi awd 82 thousand mile 5spd new pictures as soon as i take som

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APRIL 1ST!!!!!!!

thanks for the help man. i had never heard of that site before. lol. its awesome. hey when you put your 3 inch cb on did you have problems with back pressure at all?

nice car. gave you nine. take a look at mine. let me know what you think i should do next. im lookin for cheap horsepower. lol. you know any trix?

i had them before H3 bulb the hid's on ebay fit allright just some pain in the finger while trying to clip them on the housing.. but i crashed the car when i had the Blitz bumper so i had to change the headlights for originals and i changed the bumper for evo. hid's work perfect !!! no overheating no problems after 3 years straight everyday use!!!

sureee, ure funny lol!

Well how is everything going? Good I hope? Have ya had a chance to do anything to her yet??

Well how is everything going? Good I hope? Have ya had a chance to do anything to her yet??

It is hard sometimes..lol.. But it is all worth it.. I would change none of it for anything..lol.. The white one is the play car and the black one (talon) is the go go car.. The mustang is fixing to go down for a while.. Dunno when or for how long....lol.. We will see how that goes..lol..

I really think that is the problem, but I could be wrong.. But you do have a sweet looking car there. Don't have time to say much cause the little one is hungry.. Gotta go..:)

yeah, the first thing I wanted to do to the talon when we got her was a k&n air filter but the husband wanted to make sure she ran good before spending the money on it when we cranked her up.. So that is the next thing besides the idle air controller we are replacing on the black one.. I tell ya, having two turbo dsm's and a mustang is starting to get really expensive.. lol.. J/P.. I love owning both my old girls(dsm's).. Keep us updated on everything you do..:)
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