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96awdtsx Stats
Car: 96 Talon TSI
Performance: Weisco pistons, eagle rods, 6 bolt,60-1 custom built SBR turbo, ARP main rod head bolts/studs, cosmetic 3layer head gasket, brand new Mitsu. head, Comp cams, Hawver intake, ported exh. mai.,Tial bov and waste, 3"piping fmic to intake, 2 1/2"piping fmic to turbo,GM maf, maft, polly mounts, dejon intake,and much more.
About Me: Well i love cars and being active. I am a pretty nice guy and get along with pretty much every one. I am hard working which i got that from the army. But thats about it.
Style: It is a 96 TSI. It has the 97-99 Eclipse conversion. Head lights, Tail lights, front bumper, and rear bumper, and painted roof. What throws everyone off is the TSI wing. A lot of people think it is a eclipse till they see that. Custom paint is nice also.
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Score: 114 Points from 14 votes = 8

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: I am a student going for criminal justice, work 2 jobs and in Michigan Army National Guard
City: Brighton

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Dec. of 04' i got shipped over seas. I had a civic at the time and got rid of it. I was searching online in Iraq for a car when i ran across this car. I knew it was the one that i wanted. It was a Talon with a eclipse conversion. So i had my buddy pick it up for me when i was still over seas so that i would have it when i got home. Ever sense i have been working on it making it faster.

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pretty hot...where u get ur block from???? is it stroked?u get a 9 =)

nice car! love the FMIC!! congrats on switching over to the real cars!!! you get a 10!!!!

Thanks a lot. Very nice setup, Any Numbers or track times for it? Any guestimates?

it looks good keep up the good work

Gave ya a 9... Car looks awesome.. You are doing a great job, keep up all the great work..:) Any future plans?

Very Clean Car, Nice and Clean Engine Bay. Just get a C.O.P and *** that would make it shine just a bit more. Future Mods?

Looks real nice!!! I am also army! Soooooo, what is done? times?

good lookn ride. looks like a lot has gone into it

nice kid, at least you're doing every the right way, like all the stuff u got man, u might just be able to keep up with my car once i fix it. i bought the car the way u see it, and sum of the stuff is just the biggest hackjob, but supposettly it ran 11's, hopefully we'll find out soon

well i see you got all the right names on your lower moving stuff. what cams you running and what hp you shoting for? lol I'm considering that dump out the bumper now too you know just to make the person on mt left crap them selfs when i hit 22 lbs. (if they are still next to me)
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