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93talon Stats
Car: 93Talon
Performance: 91 gsx, getting all the old stuff from the talon 93 talon, getting all the good stuff from the eclipse
About Me: Live on long island ...just got to love dsm's ...just picked up a GSX.. ask for my email for screen name...
Style: Talon: Sleeper, daily driver, GSX: parts car, donor car
Views: 3593
Score: 132 Points from 17 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
City: coram

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its a 93 Eagle Talon ES thats been converted to a tsi, doing a awd swap over the summer

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yeah mines a 97 well ill be sure to do that when mines sold =P

Im not sure it doesnt really matter to me, i like both gens preferrably 2nd though

Nah, i got headers and a Downpipe. i have an Apexi Muffler, im about to cut the cat and shave the resonator but its still stock exhaust i dont know how much ill spend on this car though i really wanna get a dsm...

haha yeah it does... when i can afford a 6bolt swap ill be doin that you gotta a clean lookin 1g 8

It didnt cost me anything,They came off a parts car of mine.The only bad part is you have to split the spot welds.There is a paice of metal the bumper bolts to at the top and the 90 is different than the 92.Make sure you atle that metal strip.

the real question is why the car needs the rebuild if it is just a head gasket then it is just a matter of tearing it apart and putting in a new gasket, but if the timing belt broke then your are looking at a new head at least if it was really bad you are looking at a whole new short block too along with a new turbo if chunks flew through the head. Just look at the top of my engine before the rebuild.

it is a non-turbo but see my page for details and I'm located in the mid-Michigan area.

you said that you couldn't get a 1.8 before 92 but actually you could only get a 2.0 in 92 and if you know anyone who would want to buy my talon let me know.

Nope, I wasnt the one who's car caught fire.

im getting a 3 1/2" JDM N1 for $40.00 off of ebay and it comes with a adjustible silencer and its actually pretty tight. look them up on ebay u'll find hella parts for your 1G. im thinking of buying new mirrors with smoked LED signals in it also off of ebay. they look hella nice. type 92 eclipse on ebay and u'll find alot of nice parts
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