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Car: 1990 Eclipse GSX
Performance: Wiseco Pistons, Scat Rods, Balance Shafts Removed, BC 272 cams, Custom Ported Head, Mitsu 4layer HG, PE Kevlar Timing Belt, ARP everything, Ported Cyclone IM, 1g TB, PTE680cc Injectors, Rewired 190FP, JoeP MBC, Ported EvoIII 16g, Ported EvoIII Exhaust Mani, Full 3" TBE, TEST PIPE, SLS tubular o2 housing, ETS FMIC, SAFC, HKS TT, DSMchips Stage 3 Keydriver, ACT 2900, Fidanza 8lb Flywheel.... Etc......
About Me: 19 years Old, Likes to work on Cars, Drag Race, Road Race, AutoX
Style: SLEEPER :)
Views: 5640
Score: 97 Points from 12 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
City: Moreno Valley

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Picked it up Mostly Stock, Started Modding :) SHOOTING FOR 11's on Evo III 16g

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I like it man, u should get the clear corners and get rid of those ambers, really makes the car look that much better. Keep up the good work

forgot to add that its a 1991...

hey....i wanted to know if a gsx with a blown head gasket and need of a engine build is worth 1700....its the lowest the guy is asking for it....140,000 miles...

were you the one whos dsm caught fire?...i been looking around if i could find him again and see if he fixed his car...

gave you a 9 that mr2 has nothing on you lol

nevermind..I see the performance mods now..Do you know what it runs in a 1/4 mile..Or even an 1/8 mile track?

The Talon looks good man..I've always like the white on black look..What all do you have done to it?

looking for next talon tsi

ya man should be gettin mine out of the shop tomorrow...been in a while bc i blew the motor :(...but will be back on the roads soon

Did a update on my list for mods. Missing a lot but not to important. I like your 1g. It has a clean look to it. nice job!
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