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4g63lag Stats
Car: 98gst
Performance: fully built 7 bolt, je,eagle, ferrera valves,mild port,t3t4 V-trim turbo,apex 80mm catback& testpipe,7cm o2housing port,tial38mm external,slowboy manifold,aem wideband,walbro255,1g bov,jmf catchcan, prothane motor mounts, Koyo radiator
About Me: c-16 is running through my veins, firm beliver in FFF, form follows function.
Style: street sleeper
Views: 1550
Score: 15 Points from 2 votes = 7

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: carbon fiber tech
City: salt lake city

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she has been five years in the making. going for a seriously modded stock looking car. street sleeper. NOW WITH DSMLINK 1000cc injectors and aeromotive fpr!! pics here!!!! 1/4 mi times soon check my new 91 gsx auto project

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Yeah I agree..I'm liking the 1G alot more than the 2G I had..I mean I had alot of money in the 2G..And it was fun to drive but had tracking issues..I've done alot to the 1G..I think I might have about 2,000 in the 1G since I've had it

Thanks, but I must say I have changed the turbo. My 50t went to crap, so I thought if I must get a new turbo go bigger. Now I'm running a gt30r and loving it..... Well all but the turbo lag!

you have to get some pictures up here man.

sorry to dissapoint you man my name is not jake montgomery. hope you still like the car.
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