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4g63colt Stats
Car: 1989 dodge colt gt
Performance:  Tubular T4 manifold,Garret 60-1 turbo,HKS SSQV BOV,FMIC and piping,RC 550 injectors,35mm external wastegate,1g MAF translator,3inch GM MAF,Double Core Aluminum radiator,Catch Can,Metal Head Gasket,ARP Studs,Ground Wire Kit,Walbro 255 Fuel Pump,2.5in turbo back exhaust,8mm accel wires,fuel pressure regulator,punishment racing 02 housing and down pipe,sheet metal intake coming soon.
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Style:  No need for style its a dsm.DSMs are mainly sleepers and thats what Im goin for.Im not knockin anyone with rims I have no problem with rims.I also am not knockin anyone with bodykits,its just not something I am into. I leave the bodykits to the Honda gu
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Gender: Male
City: Binghamton,NY

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Dodge Colt GT with 4g63t swap they came factory with the 4g61 turbo motor in it.Only 1500 of these cars were made with the 4g61 turbo motor. This is #41 out of 1500.My best run with it 12.46 blowing the tires off for about an 1/8th mile @ 28lbs.Times hopefully to improve with real slicks.

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nice....ur running a 12 second car

hahahaha what traction? i have traction?,lol. i spun threw 1st, 2nd and little of 3th, everytime,lol. hope fully ill get a LSD and and so better street drags or slicks. also was think of a awd conversion,lol.

i ran a 14.9@ 96 mph on a stock 4g63t with only a 550cc injectors, safc and 2.5 exhaust. it was at import wars 6/23/07. so once i add a few mods more i should hit a 13 or hopefully 12s,lol.

Nice sleeper.

Cool car, the 60-1 is a great turbo too.

Is that the same one I saw in Dsport at the dsm shoot out?

sweeeeeeeeeeet sleeper!!!!

thats crazy

well with all that under the hood of that thing i bet it dont wanna stop spinning

well with all that under the hood of that thing i bet it dont wanna stop spinning
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