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Car: 91 Laser RS Turbo
Performance: ported polished blueprinted 4g63t, t3/t4 turbo, arp rod and main bearings, arp studs all around, brand new factory pistons, rings and valves, iridium pugs, ported race head, custom downpipe and header in progress
About Me: Love fast cars love racin too bad the law doesnt got my license double barred 2 yrs ago but been drivin still and racin, no need for a license to drive just to get pulled over
Style: black 1ga laser still a work in progress but around here im known for the cars ive built especially my 700 hp 87 nissan 300zx and LS7 98 z28 camaro
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Car Builder, Custom Auto Shop Co Owner
City: Spencer

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bought this laser bout 6 months ago the previous owner ***ed up the engine and bent all the valves and froze it up and ive been pourin money into it since. its my second baby to my z and will be gorgeous when its done just wait

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