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Car: 95 eclipse g
Performance:  big 16g turbo, 550cc injectors, 255 walboro fuel pump, magnus smim, arp head studs, smaco sport radiator hoses, greddy front mount, b&m fuel pressure reg., dsmlink, greddy sp-2 exhaust, apexi downpipe, prothane motor mounts, hks cams soon
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Style:  stock with kandy paint
Views: 4432
Score: 121 Points from 16 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
Occupation: grocery getter
City: wilington

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candy green, oem bumper and black projector headlights

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10 Last Member Comments

Really like the candy paint.

Thats green is a sick color on that car, great car, 10

dude, that green is pimp!!! thats the color i was thinking about painting mine. but i think im just going to stick with the stock green i have now! you get a 10!

Very clean. 10 from me.

nice candy paint!!! very nice

nice looking dsm very clean

That green is sick!! I love it.

Your car is gorgeous!

Nice ride. Looks sick.. Next step bigger turbo? I loved my 16g when i had it. good work..

Nice ride. Looks sick.. Next step bigger turbo? I loved my 16g when i had it. good work..
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