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Car: Talon TSI
Performance: 100% stock
About Me: well i am 16 years old and as you can tell i like dsm's lol i have had 4 so far my frist was my 92 eclipse gs my 2nd was a 1990 eclipse gs-turbo 3rd 1990 Eclipse GS-Turbo 4th 1995 Eagle talon tsi awd
Style: carbon fiber hood, Custom candy red valve cover,
Views: 5951
Score: 328 Points from 49 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: school
City: Pekin IL

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Well its a 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD auto

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10 Last Member Comments

How is she running? She looks great.. Keep up all the great work..

nope, I sure don't. Sorry. Why, what's up?

I know how that goes. I can take all the pictures I want of our cars but until you see them in person and take them for a ride, you are REALLY missing out.. So I totally understand. :)

So were ya able to pick her up? I hope so.. I added some pictures of when Lance was building his motor for his mustang.. lol..

Don't feel bad, my camera's are junk too. That is why I don't add pictures all the time because I do not feel like messing with the dern camera.. lol.. And I like the pictures I already have. Nothing about the cars have changed except for Lance's new motor in the motang and seats I got him for Christmas.. I can add pictures of the new motor in the mustang if anyone wants to see. I do need to add some new pictures of me and Chelsea with our babies (cars)..

She is very pretty. I understand. If it was not for the guy delivering the talon to us because the tranny was gone, who knows how long it would have been before we could have gotten her..lol.. But she does look good. Does her paint still look that good?

Awesome!!! I like the talons 2nd gen.. Only the talon though, I don't like the eclipse 2nd gen. I think it is the wing on the 2g talon.. Dunno.. But keep us updated.. Don't feel bad, my talon is an auto also.. But my baby is a five speed.. lol.. GOOD LUCK..

heck yeah man! thats nice, how much you want for it? j/k! what did you give for it?

Oh alright.I didn't know you that you've only had the car about a week or so..Do you have any big plans for it tho?

Thanks for the comment man..The only thing I can think of that I would want to change about your car is the turbo..I would have went bigger than what you did..But I'm liking the 1G..Keep us posted with new photo's.Later man
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